• Thread Lift Surgery

As we begin to age and our tissue weakens, we lose facial fat, and the underlying support structure starts to sag. The affected areas generally include the cheeks, around the eyes, the brows, jowls, and neck, creating a longer, older looking face. Younger people may begin to experience cheek and brow sagging from weakened muscles as well. For them, a thread lift may be a good alternative to the more invasive procedures that older individuals may undergo.

A thread lift may also be an alternative to a secondary facelift, which is often required within twenty years of the initial facelift. It may also be performed as part of a primary facelift procedure.

In appropriately selected patients, advanced Thread lift / Face Lift techniques can provide results similar to a traditional facelift without the risks or downtime associated with traditional surgery. Patients who are beginning to notice facial drooping can achieve excellent results and potentially avoid a more major facial rejuvenation procedure in subsequent years. Older patients can also benefit from the Thread Lift / Face Lift as long as their skin is not overly lax.

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