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Lazderma Clinique is an all-in one centre of Cosmetic excellence, Laser treatment, Hair Transplantation, Medical Spa. We are passionately committed to safety, international best practices and ethics. Our passion is giving back the freedom of confidence to people through quality services to improve their body and skin. Our clinical treatments aim to rejuvenate, correct skin conditions and to enhance overall appearance. We exclusively use the most advanced technology and modalities to provide Surgical & non-surgical laser treatments in a professional & ethical environment. We pride ourselves in offering you the most advanced scientifically proven Surgical & non-surgical cosmetic, laser skin and body treatments available. Our skilled Medical staff and accredited Laser clinicians, dermal clinicians and doctors will take the time to assess your individual needs at an initial consultation. Our rich Experience in these fields is always an edge over. Team is perfectly synced and equipped to give you the best possible treatment, by utilizing ultra-advanced equipment, state of the art facilities and futuristic procedures. If you have ever been confused about finding Aesthetic clinic that best suit your skin-type & body then you are not alone. Book a consultation with experts and get ready for the new confidence.

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