• Dr Ashutosh Mishra (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Ashutosh Misra is an Mch in plastic surgery and is a senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Fortis Group of Hospitals Delhi & NCR. He is a post doctorate from IPGMER Kolkata where he had been a leading and outstanding fellow of his professors because of his expertise and spontaneity in all surgeries he was doing. He has undergone Advanced training in Micro vascular Surgery in USA at Providence Hospital, St Johns Health, Michigan and was a visiting scholar to many other renowned institutes in USA viz.

  • Institute of Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Southfield, Michigan, USA under Dr Ian T Jackson.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre New York USA.
  • University of Washington Medical Centre Seattle Washington USA under Dr Peter C Neligan.
  • Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat Hospital for Facial Plastic Surgery under Dr Sherrell J Aston New York USA.

Dr Misra is an outstanding reconstructive surgeon whose capability has enabled many oral cancer and facial trauma patients to regain their facial features after undergoing disfiguring surgery or injuries.

A young ,35 years old surgeon who has done over 1000 surgeries is also on consulting panel of other renowned hospitals and major health care facilities like, Fortis group of hospitals, Pushpanjali crosslay, Dharamshila research institute , Sitaram Bhartiya , Shanti Mukand and Rockland hospitals. Whether a person is considering a simple non-surgical procedure like BOTOX or surgical procedure like blepharoplasty ,rhinoplasty or body contouring, my practice has a commitment to providing an unparalleled level of care," says Dr. Misra. "We value the individual needs of our patients above all else and work hard to build a supportive atmosphere where men and women can feel confident in their choices."

The field of cosmetic medicine is constantly evolving, with new treatments available all the time. Dr. Ashutosh Misra is up to the minute, participating in conferences and meetings, always incorporating new and exciting advances into the clinics offerings.

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